Selling Yourself To Employers

Published: 09th December 2009
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Despite making, what you thought, was a good impression on your prospective employer, you might not end up getting the job. Have you ever wondered why? Consider how a sales person, trying to sell a product, deals with a customer. He first does his homework carefully, researching what the customer is looking for and what kind of a product he is interested in. Then, when he meets with the customer, he is able to tell him in clear terms how the product can satisfy many of his needs very effectively and thus convinces him to buy the product.

You have to treat the job interview as a way of selling yourself to the company. You have to do some research into the company, consider what they are looking for and then convince them that you are just the person for the job. Here are some suggestions that will help you sell yourself effectively to prospective employers.

Begin by asking yourself the following questions-
* What exactly do you have to offer?
* How well do you think you satisfy the job requirements?
* Do you bring anything unique or of value to the company?

First start with what you have to offer to your prospective employer. Think of ways in which you can present your strengths - do not just mention your qualities, mention specifically the manner in which these qualities have helped you perform better. You have to not only mention your skills - you need to be able to sell them, by providing them with some examples of a past experience.

Next, you need to convince your prospective employer that you do have the abilities and the qualifications to meet the job requirements. Make sure that you have read through the job description carefully and know what exactly the company is looking for. Make a list of all the requirements that you can gather from the description and match them against what you have to offer. Show your employer that you have taken the effort of getting to know them better and how you indeed possess the skills and qualifications necessary.

Finally, let the employer know that you do have some unique abilities. Do not dismiss mentioning these for fear that they may be dismissed as just an advertising gimmick. You have to do all you can to convince the employer that you possess more than just the basic skills or the qualifications necessary for the job - you have to let them know that your willingness to do what it takes to finish a job or your interpersonal skills, are what set you aside from the rest. This could make the difference between you or another equally qualified person getting the job.
By the time the interview is over, your prospective employer should know exactly what you have to offer and be convinced that you are the best person for the job.

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